Warhammer 40k on the computer.

Over the course of a couple weekends I’ve spent some time playing two different games set in Games Workshop’s Grimdark Warhammer40k universe. The first is real-time, Dawn of War 2: And the second is turn-based from nearly two decades ago, Chaos Gate: Both pit the eponymous Space Marine super soldiers of the series against their […]

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Meditations on Violence

It’s in the news every week and nearly every day. A man gets shot by the police. A suicide bomber blows up at the gate of a FOB, or in a village, or is stopped on a train. Someone drives their truck into a crowd. A cop is shot with his own gun. A man […]

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I first read this story from a horror stories collection; I think it was Giant, Short, and Shivery. When I was in high school I told this story at a campfire held during my senior year and everyone loved it. I don’t have the collection anymore but I decided to write it from memory. Tailypo […]

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